How can I locate my spouse for service?

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If you do not know how to locate your spouse to serve with divorce papers, you should try the following:
  • Check Canadian phone listings on the Internet at web sites such as You can also check U.S. phone listings at web sites such as
  • Use the Internet phone listings to search for friends and relatives of your spouse. Talk to them and request any information that they may have.
  • Contact the last known place of employment of your spouse.
  • Contact the last known address of your spouse.
  • Call local or long distance telephone directory assistance.
  • Search for your spouse online using search engines and web sites such as Facebook.
  • Hire a process server or private investigator. They can usually locate a person relatively inexpensively.

If you are unable to locate your spouse, or attempts to personally serve your spouse were unsuccessful, you may apply to the court for a substitutional service order.  An order for substitutional service will allow you to notify your spouse of your divorce application by some other means, such as service of his family or posting an ad in a newspaper, for example.