Serving Divorce Papers on your Spouse

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In British Columbia the personal service of your spouse takes place after stage 1 has been filed. Once stage 1 has been filed you will receive a copy of the stage 1 forms with a court stamp indicating that they have been filed. It is a copy of these filed forms that must be personally given to your spouse by someone other than you.

The person who gives the forms to your spouse must swear an affidavit of service that outlines the details of the service for the court. The affidavit of service is provided to the court with your forms for stage 2.

If you are having the service done by or another process server the affidavit of service will be included and provided to you. If you are having a friend do the service, we recommend our British Columbia Affidavit of Service preparation service. It includes instructions for service, the fully prepared affidavit of service and instructions for swearing it. You can purchase the affidavit of service preparation service here: Affidavit of Service.